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About JoAnn Jackson

Hands on Realtor that works with you every step of the way, including buying or selling a home, inspections, walk through and closings. As a real estate agent with 20 years experience in the industry, I have helped hundreds of people with their real estate needs in both buying and selling property and making sure the public receives superior and white glove services they deserve. Number One Goal is to provide service which completely satisfies the client so that they will want to use me again and or referral myself to their family and friends. Specialties: Because of training, knowledge and experience we sell all types of real estate properties. From Luxury homes to homes for median income families and first time home buyers, our services provide a unique service for each client.

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GENERAL FINANCING QUESTIONS Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Home Loan

GENERAL FINANCING QUESTIONS Tips for Homebuyers  1. WHAT IS A MORTGAGE? Generally speaking, a mortgage is a loan obtained to purchase real estate. The "mortgage" itself is a lien (a

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Six Ways To Beat The Stress Of Buying A Home

Six Ways To Beat The Stress Of Buying A HomeDEATH, DIVORCE & MOVING are the three most stressful experiences in life. There are two very different kinds of needs that people have while moving.

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How Much Does That Home Really COST

A $200,000 home costs more than a $185,000 home, right? Well, yes and no. Assuming the same type of financing for both homes, the $200,000 homedoes cost more initially. But many factors

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The 10 COMMANDMENTS When Applying For A Loan

THE TEN COMMANDMENTSWhen applying for a mortgage1. Thou shalt not change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job.2. Thou shalt not buy a car, truck or van (or you may be living in it)!!3.

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